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Optimizing knee extensor mechanism repairs and improving clinical outcomes, one sesamoid and one sterile kit at a time.

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Endeavor Orthopaedics Summit Patella Plating System - The only patella plating system with built-in soft tissue management provided in a single use kit.

Type II anodized Titanium Alloy Plates & CoCr Screws

Standard and Small-sized plates

1.25 mm* thick plate

Variable angle (30-degree cone) locking screws

Zip-Knot™ suture integration

Sterile & ready for use
*Thickness measured at the center of the Standard plate



Significantly lower reoperation rate, and loosening/migration of hardware

Proven improved clinical outcomes

Competitive pricing

Increased patient satisfaction

Summit Patella Plating System is FDA Cleared

Plate Dimensions 

Standard Plate:  
Length: 30.5 mm
Width: 29.1 mm
Thickness: 1.25 mm

Small Plate:
Length: 26 mm
Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm


Part Numbers:


Standard Plate Kit: #1316-3000

Small Plate Kit: #1316-3001

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“I had an epiphany in October of 2011. After a couple of challenging patella fracture cases, I realized, I was only addressing part of the extensor mechanism injury. By only treating the bony element of the injury with cannulated screws and orthopedic wire, we were not fully addressing the soft tissue component of the injury or more importantly the forces of the extensor mechanism. Until these components are addressed, surgeons aren’t optimizing their repair. It was at this moment, I sought to advance my treatment and my protocol changed shortly thereafter.”

                - Dr. Brent Norris, MD


The Summit Patella Plating System is delivered to the surgeon in a sterile, single-use kit. Both Standard and Small plate kits come ready to use with a single #2 suture for the quadriceps tendon and two #2 sutures for the patella ligament. The sutures in the inferior pole allow for a Krackow stitch technique to be utilized if required.

Once the sutures have been placed, the surgeon can cinch them tight to the desired tension by simply pulling on the tail of the suture toward the center of the plate.

This combination of plate/screw and suture construct in one implant allows surgeons to address not only any osseous fracture repair and soft-tissue management but also offers a bio-mechanical advantage during patient recovery. Through off-loading the natural forces (moving through the quadricep, through the patella, and to the patella ligament) of the knee’s extensor mechanism to a single, interconnected construct (Plate, Screw, & Sutures) the surgical repair of the patella and soft-tissue is able to move naturally while minimizing distraction forces across the injury while the injury heals.

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